5 Reasons to Visit a Hand Surgeon for Wrist Issues

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Wrist problems can be debilitating. It can affect everyday activities and even prevent one from performing their job. It is essential to consult with a hand surgeon at a clinic in Singapore to diagnose and treat your wrist pain or discomfort. The following are five primary reasons to consult a hand surgeon for wrist problems:

  1. 1 Specialised Expertise

Hand surgeons received specialised training in diagnosing and treating problems specific to the hand and wrist. They have extensive knowledge of intricate anatomy. It allows them to identify and treat various conditions effectively, like carpal tunnel syndrome in patients in Singapore.

  1. 2 Accurate Diagnosis

Wrist pain can be due to various conditions. Arthritis, tendonitis, and ganglion cysts are common reasons for wrist discomfort. A hand surgeon can conduct a thorough physical exam. They may use imaging tests such as X-rays, MRI, or CT scans to identify the cause of your pain. The results will help them develop a plan tailored to your condition, whether you need wrist arthritis or ganglion cyst treatment.

  1. 3 Minimally Invasive Procedures

They use minimally invasive procedures whenever possible. It minimises pain, scarring, and recovery time. They may perform arthroscopy by inserting a tiny camera into the wrist to diagnose and treat conditions. Your doctor might also recommend nonsurgical treatments, even for distal radius fractures.

  1. 4 Customised Treatment Plans

They understand the condition of each patient is unique. Hand surgeons consider this when developing a treatment plan, whether for a wrist fracture or other issues. They may recommend nonsurgical options such as physical therapy, medication, or splinting. Your doctor will only recommend hand surgery at their Singapore clinic if necessary. They work closely with their patients to develop a customised treatment plan that meets their needs.

  1. 5 Better Outcomes

Consulting a hand surgeon in Singapore for wrist problems can result in better outcomes than seeing a general practitioner. They have extensive experience in treating hand and wrist conditions. It can lead to more successful treatments and faster recovery times. They also advise patients on preventing future injuries and managing ongoing issues.

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